February 1, 2023


The real estate market nowadays is flooded with “FSBO” listings—properties for sale by owner. Since this transaction model is a growing trend with many outstanding benefits, such as the possibility for quicker sales and cost savings, for sale by owner websites appear on a regular basis, each claiming to be the finest for sale by owner option.

For most of us, buying a house is our largest investment, therefore it’s critical to work with a firm that is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and can provide you with the greatest alternatives for your individual listing needs.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the options thrown at you from the market, stick till the end as we unmask the best real estate websites for you.

Which Are The Best For Sale by Owner Websites of 2022?

These are the top 7 best real estate websites offered For Sale by Owner across The United States in 2022:


If you want a cutting-edge experience, Houzeo is well-known for its clean user interface. Houzeo makes it simple to complete the whole real estate transaction online, with readily customized listings, automated reminders, and step-by-step video instructions leading you through every stage of the listing and sales process.


Another fantastic feature of Houzeo is that your listing not only appears on Houzeo but also on the MLS and other major listing websites. 

This is essential since you are no longer confined to buyers and sellers who are only browsing Houzeo and your listing can acquire tremendous attention.

Furthermore, Houzeo permits buyer’s agent commission and, even better, allows you to decide the amount of that money. 

Enabling buyer’s agent commission can benefit you since it encourages real estate agents to show your listing to potential buyers, and the ability to adjust the amount allows you to choose how much you save.

While Houzeo does not provide free listings, the high-tech experience, ability to limit buyer’s agent commissions, and fact that postings auto-populate to other listing sites make it one of the most popular for sale by owner sites today.

For more information, check out Houzeo Reviews.


Forsalebyowner.com, believe it or not, has been around for over two decades-long before the majority of today’s sell by owner websites. Their longevity is not just a testimonial to their reputation; it also positively positions them in terms of site traffic, since they have established authority with search engines through time. 

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This is fantastic news for both buyers and sellers since the steady flow of traffic means that many people will read the postings.

Despite the enormous visitor volume generated by Forsalebyowner.com each month, only persons who visit Forsalebyowner.com will see your listing, because Forsalebyowner.com properties are not published on the MLS.

Furthermore, Forsalebyowner.com does not allow for buyer’s agent compensation. While this appears to be a positive in terms of lowering expenses, it may limit the visibility of your listing because agents are not encouraged to present Forsalebyowner.com listings to their clients.

Forsalebyowner.com provides one of the greatest for sell by owner listing experiences, replete with completely customized listing choices. 

You should bear in mind that even if you utilize their free basic listing package, your only possible purchasers will be among the monthly Forsalebyowner.com site visitors, and you will not reach potential buyers browsing the MLS or other prominent listing sites.


Zillow is one of the best real estate websites in America. For many buyers and sellers, the brand name alone makes Zillow’s for sale by owner site a tempting option. With their well-known brand comes a continuous flow of high-volume web visitors each month, which may translate into much more opportunity for prospective buyers to view your listing.

However, Zillow’s for sale by owner capabilities are limited to the fundamentals of online listing services, with almost no listing assistance. 

Sellers who put their house for sale on Zillow may anticipate a Zillow listing as well as a “Zestimate,” which is Zillow’s estimate of how much their property is worth. 

If you want extras like step-by-step instructions, legal papers, and supplemental goods like yard signs, Zillow’s sell by owner platform isn’t the greatest option.

Furthermore, some sellers are concerned about the paid advertising method used on Zillow for sale by owner site. Because real estate brokers can pay for advertisements, potential buyers may contact buyer’s agents rather than you directly. 

When a buyer’s agent is engaged in a transaction, you will be charged an extra fee, often up to a 3% commission.

Overall, Zillow’s brand recognition and free listing service make its site a fantastic choice for many, but it has limitations and potential hazards for those seeking more assistance.

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USRealty, a newer for sale by owner listing service that is rapidly developing, claims to have aided over 25,000 owners in selling their houses to date (and saving thousands of dollars in the process).

Offering four listing service choices, ranging from free to $249, USRealty has a plan for everyone, based on your individual listing needs and preferences.

All options include 6 months of MLS exposure as well as auto-population of your property to Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, which is required due to US Realty’s low site traffic.

Their premium tier package might make things a lot easier for the owner who wants help with every stage of the listing and sale procedure. It has everything, from yard signs and brochure boxes to sales papers and even a broker evaluation.

In fact, all USRealty packages provide free phone and email assistance, which may provide buyers and sellers with more peace of mind. However, if you decide to offer your house for sale by owner on USRealty, keep in mind their cancellation and listing edit fees, as well as their photo limits.


Trulia, which is also owned by Zillow, is another well-known for sale by owner portal with a huge volume of monthly visitors. 

Trulia is a popular alternative for consumers and sellers that don’t need much assistance with the listing process, as it is backed by Zillow’s user-friendly technology and industry influence.

Trulia, like Zillow, provides free property listings as well as the benefit of high visibility. However, if you want more than a simple listing, Trulia may not be the best option. 

Expect little coaching, documentation aid, or standard listing extras like yard signs. The same risks apply to Zillow’s paid advertising—you may end up interacting with buyer’s agents rather than potential buyers directly since agent-sponsored ads might drive interested buyers to contact the agent for assistance rather than the property owner. 

Having an agent engaged might result in up to 3% more costs. That being said, in addition to Trulia’s well-known brand and outstanding site exposure, another advantage of listing your house for sale by owner on Trulia is their extremely precise crime reporting figures. 

Properties listed on Trulia in low-crime areas are portrayed favorably, increasing your chances of a faster sale and a better purchasing price.

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Fsbo.com, another for sale by owner industry veteran, has been given the ability to purchase and sell houses without the need of an agent since 1997. 

FSBO.com has grown industry credibility since then, making it a reliable source with a considerable quantity of web traffic.

Fsbo.com is unusual in that it provides two distinct service tiers to meet the diverse demands and budgets of different consumers and sellers that choose to utilize their platform. 

Their basic listing package includes a personalized listing for a year, as well as unlimited photo and video uploads. This bundle also includes automatic listing submission to Redfin for increased listing exposure. 

The enhanced plan is among the most expensive in the market and includes everything in the basic package, plus improved visibility through auto-population of your listing to Zillow, Realtor.com, and your local MLS, in addition to Redfin.

This option provides agent support as well, albeit it is believed to be restricted. The possible disadvantage of the enhanced package is that it also fixes the buyer’s agent commission at 3%. 

While this might diminish savings, it can also incentivize agents to expose your listing to potential buyers, which can work in your favor.

Despite the higher price points, FSBO.com continues to be one of the most popular sell by owner websites. Its unlimited video uploads feature and better listing exposure with the upgraded plan make it a competitive alternative when determining where to publish your for sale by owner listing.


Beycome is a low-cost platform with pro-good features. A $99 plan includes services such as listing on the local MLS, syndication on major real estate websites (Zillow, Realtor.com, and others), an open house scheduler, and a messaging center. The $299 plan (advanced package) is excellent and should meet the needs of most sellers. 

This plan includes listing on MLS, uploading the maximum number of MLS-provided images, access to a lockbox and yard sign, providing a virtual tour, and much more.

The Concierge plan from Beycome includes a dedicated representative. It will cost you $499 plus the agent’s charge of 1% of the sale price, which is rather high. The price is significantly greater than that of other low-commission real estate websites that provide complete service and assistance. 

You would also have to consider hidden costs as part of this package, which would make it more expensive.